Does The Ego Really Exist ?

Recording explaining our relationship to the EGO through various stages of Ascension.

     I hear the word EGO being thrown around a lot these days. Now, I come from a platform of belief that I create it all. Meaning, I AM the consciousness that creates my reality.  Many might consider that to be an egotistical statement. Which it really is not.  If we look at the true meaning of the word…

(This Definition is taking from urban dictionary on-line. For the purpose of this article I found this definition the best. Interesting how it is so widely defined!)

The part of you that defines itself as a personality, separates itself from the outside world, and considers itself (read: you) a separate entity from the rest of nature and the cosmos. Perhaps necessary for survival in some evolutionary bygone, in modern times it leads only to (albeit often disguised) misanthropic beliefs and delusion.  In short, “I.”       Ego is responsible for hate, fear, and delusion.

As a spiritual healer, teacher, la-di-da, I hear this term, ego, thrown around in a derogatory manner often…  “He’s so in his ego” or “Her ego is in her way of seeing the truth” I think you get the idea. I do have a strong feeling that most who use the term like this, are projecting their own shadow, and not able to see that it is the ego that is projecting it outward. Something within their own ego structure, an unrealized aspect of self that is causing this projection.


So coming from the place that we create it all, even our experiences of others, then are we not creating the experience of the other person being in their ego? Is that not truly a projection? If we were so enlightened to see someone else struggling within their own ego structure, would we be in a place of judgement about it? I think not.

Who decided that being egotistic was a bad thing? My guess is someone who wanted power over others. I believe a strong healthy ego is a good thing. Does a strong ego mean that the person is not capable of compassion, empathy and other altruistic traits? No. I don’t think so.

Well I’ve been giving this much contemplation and decided to write, develop and put forth a concept about ego. Being a holier-than-thou spiritualist, I’m going to put forth the ultimate truth about you, god, ego and my brilliant insight into the workings of creation! If you don’t like it well you can just …. Haha haha… Ego humor, for sure.



Question: Does the ego exist in the higher dimensions?

Answer: yes, and no

( DF is the abbreviation for Dimensional Frequencies )

When we are in the frequencies of the 3rd dimension, the ego VS soul or personality VS God belief matrix enforces the idea of separation and duality. As we transcend the 3rd dimension, into the higher levels of consciousness the concept of what we call ego VS soul, begins to vanish. The sense of separation from the duality of ego based 3DF experience also begins to dismantle.

Unity Consciousness begins in the 4th Dimensional Frequencies, which is a we, us, them experience.  In the 4 DF the ego begins its transfiguration from an Individuated non-source knowing, ego self-identification into a Unity Ego Identity.  Here the ego begins to experience unity and connection to others that was not available in the 3rd DF. So now the 4d person emphasis is on community, unity, we, us, them. VS  3rd DF, I , me, mine.

Most Psychology and systems of thought based in such dynamics tend to only take into account the energies of the 3 DF. There are the ideas and then there are the true frequencies that dictate the consciousness of that level of understanding.

For instance, a 3 DF individual may understand the idea of a “miracle” but it takes some one living to an extent within the 5 DF in order to consciously begin to work the mechanics of a miracle. While a 3 DF individual can call upon that higher aspect through prayer, the 5 DF individual will understand it as something no as separate from themselves as the 3 DF will. Remember mastery in the true sense begins in the 5th DF.

This is also where I see psychological systems of belief can be a trap. We mostly live in a 3 DF culture of psychology. It is mostly based, in the frequencies of the 3rd DF and can create barriers to higher levels of consciousness. Especially if seen as the end all system to tracking human growth and potential.  For the system will not allow transition to the high realms.

It is the EGO here in the 3rd DF that states “that’s your stuff, that’s mine” without the greater (truth) concept that we create it all. 3rd DF dwellers who are “fixed” or addicted to some of these psychological beliefs create their own prison, the bars created out of these concepts and the locks of the strength of the belief. Then “shadow aspects” are not owned, but projected outwards on others and situations, rather than being owned and transformed. This leaves the individual literally helpless in the greater scheme of moving towards enlightenment.

This is epidemic at this time on the planet. I see it often, in well educated, intellectual individuals. On another note I often see psycho-therapist, whom have been practicing for a long time, understand this prison of belief, because they’ve spent years running up against it they’ve learned how to transition into the higher chakra centers to find the way through.  Yes, the higher chakra centers are a pathway, when accessed correctly, to the higher states of consciousness. One has to be able to access the higher states in order to use the chakras as a pathway towards enlightenment. So you can’t just learn the chakras and become enlightened. Just because one can hold a brush and slap paint on a canvas does not make one an artist, much less a master.


 There is a point beginning in the 4th  DF and crystalizing in the 5th DF that our “ego” or the aspect of us that strives to individuate, begins to work under the notion that Self can actualize self while not having the experience of separation. Individuation without separation from Source, in comparison to what happens in the 3rd DF of early individuation in a psychological framework.


When we spiral upwards, we integrate Source, when we spiral downward we separate. Even numbered Dimensional Frequencies (2,4,6) are collective experiences. Unity experiences or Us, We, Them.

Odd numbered Dimensional Frequencies (3,5,7) are Individuated or I, Me, You. Each click up the spiral includes and transcends the last.


5th DF is where true power begins to emerge. That is Power associated with Source, power to create with Source. There are inklings with in the 3rd DF of power. This spurs the impetus to evolve, to move back towards Source. The self, looking for true power, drives the evolution, this is the beginning of the transfiguration of the ego. For the ego needs to be transfigured from its’ lower expression into the pearl it is meant to become when the individual’s consciousness is truly transformed from lower self to higher Self. We will call this Post 3rd DF Ego.

Power becomes evident within the 4th but still not readily available till the 5th DF. Here is where Mastery Level begins to kick in. Healing. Transfigurations, Transformations, Miracles, Mastering of time and space. Most of the Ascended Masters reside within the 7th DF which is only a hop-skip and jump from the 5th DF.  It is said that an Ascended Master cannot step below the 5th DF.

In the 4th DF, the old ego ( 3rd DF), I, me, mine, transforms into that of Unity.. We, us, them.

As we transition into the 5th dimensional frequencies, an Individuation of Self-expression, this time including and transcending the 4th DF, awareness of the I, me, mine, but without the separation of Source, such as what is present in the 3rd DF. Here one begins to understand the true concept of Mastery, beyond the dualistic and transitional energies of the 3rd and 4th DF, prospectively. Beginning within the 4th DF and climaxing with in the 5th DF small self and greater Self merge and become one SELF. This is also the Bejeweling of the ego.



Self from the 5th on upward now becomes the unified SELF. It is within the 5th DF that Self- Realization occurs. Think about the wording for the term, Self-Realization. Does that sound like a unity or individuated DF term? What has happened to the ego for this to have occurred? Well it went from small-self-individuated, 3rd DF expression through the transfiguration process which is true spiritual alchemy, and now understands it is individuated but with the “experience and knowing” of Source integrated within. There is no longer the separateness that existed within the 3rd DF individualized experience. The sense of the I understands its’ origins.


It is within the 7th DF that full enlightenment occurs. We will refer to the Realized Self as R-SELF. From this point on and the Enlightened Self as E-SELF. But for the focus of this article we will stay within the range of 3rd DF – 5th DF.

So within the 5th DF we are living an integrated experience of all that has come before.

The I/WE from the 3rd DF and 4th DF are included and transcended. Source becomes the power of center rather than looking outside the self for power.

It is said that a Master (Spiritual) cannot step below the 5th DF.  This means the 5th DF aspect of an ascended soul.

Here we are using the term mastery as in the soul/human learning about mastery of Soul in human and higher expressions.

So when we come back to the beginning of the article, when someone is “in their ego”, I refer to the more common derogatory use, why not give them a hug instead of having a strong reaction? See what happens if you can do this. Remember, however that you are creating it all, and most likely it is you who needs the hug!

 So does the ego really exist. It is a trick question. I say both yes and no. When we look at the progression that the ego itself makes towards enlightenment, we can say that the “fix”, big headed, full of themselves ego is illusory at best. Also, true because it is not expressed nor perceived as love. Therefore, by default, it is not real because only love is real.   Now as the egoic self grows and transfigures into expressions in which identifies its’ self as related to Source. Yes, it becomes real because now it identifies as love/ source as being a significant part of the Individual.


 We all need our egos. Do not try to do away with your ego but instead be patient and learn to allow the transfiguration of your ego to take place. Allow yourself to move into the higher realms of consciousness, more towards Mastery… who knows maybe sometime in the future you’ll be dwelling in the 7th DF hanging out with the Christ and all of the Ascended  Masters… Wouldn’t that be fun?