Sacred Spiritual Adventures


* 7 days / 6 nights, lodging and meals provided.

* 4 plant medicine ceremonies. 3 Ayahuasca and 1 Tobacco.

* Daily meditations.

* Morning after ceremony debrief sessions.

* 3-4   Group   Soul/ Chakra / Auric field Healing Sessions

* Lots of free time to explore the area and “being with yourself”

* Pre-trip Session with Kenton to determine your intention for the week of healing and growth.

* Pre-trip interview with Thomas to go over the requirements of preparation for the plant medicine ceremonies. 


“After my trip to Ecuador in December 2015, I noticed many incredible “shifts” working with the plant medicines, Ayahuasca and Tobacco. I’ve gained huge amounts of physical energy, renewed mental clarity, new vision and motivation moving forward into the future. I had been experiencing digestive as well as elimination issues since I became very ill 20 years ago, while living in Asia. This has completely disappeared; I’m deeply convinced this is a powerful tool for anyone.” ~ Kenton

 “The energies that supported the incarnations of “Higher Consciousness” in the Himalayas (Tibet, India) have moved to the Andes.  Some call this the Serpent of Light or the Kundalini of the Planet.  This is the seat of the new consciousness for the planet. Ground zero of the NEW. This is where we will see the new awakened ones being born in this next era.”        ~ Kenton David Bell


What you can expect to gain from the Ceremonies and Plant Medicine aspects of this journey.

Many, many people have experienced spontaneous healing of  ailments/ diseases when working with these sacred plant medicines.

Some of the effects and benefits of working in this way with Ayahuasca include, but are by no means limited to:

– Deep, multi-level  detoxification and healing of many physical conditions and traumas.

– Rapid emotional processing and healing.

– Personal insight to patterns, habits and behaviors.

– Release of negative psychological programs and illnesses.

– Healing of anxiety and depression related illness.

– Spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness and spiritual connection.

– Healing and connection with multidimensional aspects of yourself and all existence.

– Wonderful creative inspiration.

– Healing from traumas, PTSD, old patterns of behaviors, addictions, confusion, anger.



You could hear the Jaguar in the brush. A deep vibration that I suppose one could call a “purr” but more like a “BURR” deep and vibrating. It was evident this was the amazon.

It was only my first night here and already my animal totem had manifested into physical form. I’ve heard the stories of the shamans literally shape shifting into jaguars and stalking the spirits of the underworlds. Somehow in this moment it all seemed a little more plausible.” ..  Kenton David Bell

What you can expect to gain from the Group Healing / Ascension Sessions with Kenton.

  • Deeper insights to your Authentic/ Soul expression.

  • Greater understanding of your specific spiritual/ energetic dynamics “what make you tick”

  • Accessing your “gifts” of healing, insight and intuitive talents.

  • accessing the “New Consciousness” that is available to all of us at this time.


  • more energy, more focus, more motivation


“It is important to know this is not a venue for those seeking a drug experience. Ayahuasca is a Sacred Sacrament and should be viewed as such. The journey that Thomas and I have crafted is for those who desire to know thy self, not for those seeking a drug experience. The intention and space that we create is for deep insight, healing, transformation and “peeling” the veil back to experience the pure Soul”.          ~ Kenton David Bell


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