Human Energy Clearing and Healing



Through the process of clearing and healing past traumas, psychological issues, dis-eases, past life energies to name a few, you’ll become karmic free. When this happens you’ll then have a much greater ability to work with your Source Self. This is when the co-creative process really becomes powerful and you are living from your Source Perspective. This is truly heading towards Self Realization and Enlightenment. This is a very tangible shift when it happens. There will be no mistaking it!


( The above illustration taken from the Barbara Brennan book “Hands of Light” )


This process is different for everyone, it can take a few months to a few years. Not long ago, this was a many lifetime process, now the energies on the planet are conducive for a rapid journey towards the Enlightened Being. It is now an individual choice that can be made by any one who truly desires it. These “clearing sessions” can be done in person or long distance over the phone.

chakra system

This is a simple but clear representation of the Chakra System.

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soul spirit

This is a really great example how Spiritual Healing looks from the perspective of the healer/clairvoyant.  This is almost exactly how I see when working with others.You can see the ancestors of the client on the right side of the pic.

HUMAN ENERGY FEILD research-aura-tomlAURA PIC1

Above are actual pictures of the human aura. Taken with a special camera.