New… Comprehensive Chakra and Auric Charts

This is a New and very comprehensive package for individuals who desire to get a very comprehensive looks at their overall spiritual/ life path chart. The Charts include a overall “channeled”  and “clairvoyant” look at your Chakra System and your Auric Field.

This gives the individual the reference via charts and notes on each system so as to paint a comprehensive picture for their overall life progress. By taking this approach one can quickly move through challenges/ blocks/ issues that keep one from living the life they are here to live.

I also can include the numerology for the individual to create even more clarity and healing towards realization of ones’ self.

These are examples of Chakra and Auric Field Charts. This was taken from a real person who was struggling with many issues in life.  Each chart is different for each individual.  This is a great reference to move forward and do some great work. You can have charts done before and after as well.


Barbara, Jennings - CopyBarbara , Jennings